5 + 1 Questions to... Robby Overvliet

I met Robby Overvliet during the Scrumevent 2019, where I was invited to host a session on the Scaled Agile Framework. Robby and his colleague presented their AgileNav app.

AgileNav is an Agile app that offers a toolbox to help people in transforming the Digital Mindset.

AgileNav has more than 300 topics on Agile, Scrum, Lean, Scaling Agile and much more. In a visual way, you can browse through the topics and find out how they are related to each other.

1.What is Agile or the Agile Mindset for you?

Agile I believe most importantly is a mindset. You can distinguish the Agile mindset thru someone’s attitude towards change, towards the team and towards the organization as a whole and most important towards the customer. It takes consistent attention and practice to navigate to the right mindset. To me, there is never a definition of done for the Agile Mindset.

2. What’s your favorite tool or method you use during your coaching?

My favorite tool is AgileNav. The app is based on the belief that today people have an increasingly shorter attention span. AgileNav also believes that offering microlearning is the answer to that. With a comprehensive landscape of topics, AgileNav presents micro-learnings in a very attractive and playful mindmap-like structure. It invites you to explore and navigate through a landscape of interconnected topics on Agile, Scrum, Lean, DevOps, Change Management, Liberating Structures and much more. You get updates with new stuff every month and the recent addition of quizzes is a real hit!

3. What book or website would you recommend?

Many years ago I read the book “Who moved my cheese?” by Spencer Johnson. It is a very compact book about coping with change. You can read it in one evening, it’s almost a micro-learning. Yet so powerful! I think this book changed my life forever.

4. What is essential for you during an Agile transformation?

Trust to me is THE key element in an agile transition. It is such an obvious but so hard to establish, especially in larger organizations. 

5. What is 1 Aspect of coaching Agile teams you like the most?

 I love to see the eyes of Agile teams that suddenly “get it”. That look of understanding they making successful steps in the right direction is priceless. The energy its releases within the team is the most memorable aspect of coaching.

+1. What was the trigger to create AgileNav and how can it help to spread the Agile mindset?

I got the trigger to create AgileNav at a former employer where most of my “Prince2 colleagues” just seemed to be really confused after they got through their “Agile Project Manager” course. I don’t know what happened but I think the overwhelming jargon just got the best of them. I felt these colleagues and many other Agile enthusiasts needed an anchor. At the same time, I wanted to give them a compass, a way to continue to explore starting at that anchor. I wanted to help them navigate through the elaborate Agile landscape. With what they find on their journey I believe they will start to understand Agile better and that will contribute to transforming their mindset.