Lightning Talks

Lightning talks are Inspiring videos beyond the typical Agile or Scrum video. The goal is to inspire you, trigger your mind, expand your knowledge. 

Lightning Talk #3

 Gary Hamel – Humanocracy: How to Create Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them

There are some companies, like Google, Airbnb, and YouTube, that seem to dominate at strategy and innovation, while other companies don’t. According to Gary Hamel, the world’s #1 business thinker, it’s because we’re all using the same bureaucratic model that stifles creativity, innovation, and adaptability. One of the major reasons why organizations haven’t been able to move away from this outdated model is because leaders don’t trust their people. Find out how Gary helped Adidas get rid of bureaucracy in this episode.

Lightning Talk #2

Marshall Rosenberg – Nonviolent Communication


Lightning Talk #1

David Marquet, Former-Captain, US Navy Seals: Turn The Ship Around!

If you think implementing a change in leadership is hard in your organization, what would it be on a ballistic missile submarine?

David Marquet, Former-Captain, US Navy Seals talks about leadership that turns the ship around. By implementing a new kind of leadership, David changed the Santa Fé submarine, one of the worst-performing submarines in the army history, into a high-performing submarine by installing a culture of leader-leader instead of leader-follower.