5 + 1 Questions

5 + 1 Questions to Shubhodeep Sengupta

I met Shubhodeep during the Xscale Practitioner training. Xscale is a blueprint for an exponential Agile Organization, developed by Peter Merel. Shubhodeep impressed me with his wisdom and knowledge about Agile and working with teams. He’s a true Lean thinker with great coaching abilities. So it was obvious to invite him for the 5+1 Questions series. 1.What is Agile or the Agile Mindset for you? Agile to me means the… Lees verder »5 + 1 Questions to Shubhodeep Sengupta

5 + 1 Questions to Simon Claes

Simon Claes, Agile Coach and author of “How to become a future-proof leader” brings creativity and pragmatism during the transformations he supports. He has a background in lean, agile, scaled agile, design thinking and change management. Simon bundled his experience in a practical book with more than 40 practices to boost your team. I met Simon at his Tech Talk, organized by Computer Futures where he talked about “Degrees in… Lees verder »5 + 1 Questions to Simon Claes

Interview Dow Tsal

5+1 questions to Dov Tsal

Dov is an Agile coach and a Tao student, who makes organizations sharper and more effective by aligning their teams, leaders, and value streams. Together with Regis Schneider, he’s on a mission to improve meeting culture. In a fun way! They created The Meeting Spicer, a set of 30-second activities designed to help your meetings be more engaging, effective and fun. He’s also the host of “The Agile Tao” podcast,… Lees verder »5+1 questions to Dov Tsal