5 + 1 Questions to Shubhodeep Sengupta

I met Shubhodeep during the Xscale Practitioner training. Xscale is a blueprint for an exponential Agile Organization, developed by Peter Merel. Shubhodeep impressed me with his wisdom and knowledge about Agile and working with teams. He’s a true Lean thinker with great coaching abilities. So it was obvious to invite him for the 5+1 Questions series. 1.What is Agile or the Agile Mindset for you? Agile to me means the… Lees verder »5 + 1 Questions to Shubhodeep Sengupta

5 + 1 Questions to Simon Claes

Simon Claes, Agile Coach and author of “How to become a future-proof leader” brings creativity and pragmatism during the transformations he supports. He has a background in lean, agile, scaled agile, design thinking and change management. Simon bundled his experience in a practical book with more than 40 practices to boost your team. I met Simon at his Tech Talk, organized by Computer Futures where he talked about “Degrees in… Lees verder »5 + 1 Questions to Simon Claes

Interview Dow Tsal

5+1 questions to Dov Tsal

Dov is an Agile coach and a Tao student, who makes organizations sharper and more effective by aligning their teams, leaders, and value streams. Together with Regis Schneider, he’s on a mission to improve meeting culture. In a fun way! They created The Meeting Spicer, a set of 30-second activities designed to help your meetings be more engaging, effective and fun. He’s also the host of “The Agile Tao” podcast,… Lees verder »5+1 questions to Dov Tsal

Welcome to Beyond Business Agility

Welcome to Beyond Business Agility… It’s all about building Agile Organizations. What can you expect? Scrum Training Scaled Agile Frameworks training (Leading SAFe, SAFe Scrum Master, SAFe Product Owner; SAFe for Teams) Beyond Business Agility podcast Different workshops and trainings Contact me on: