About Beyond Business Agility

Beyond Business Agility has been founded to support organizations and companies to support their path towards Agility. We offer training, consulting and coaching on Agility and topics beyond agility. 

But we go Beyond Business Agility. Agile is a Mindset and way of thinking. That’s why we don’t stop at scrum but we take also care of the psychological side of things. 

Training we provide:

  • Leading SAFe (2 Days)
  • SAFe for Scrum Masters (2 Days)
  • SAFe for Product Owners (2 Days)
  • Agile Bootcamp for Teams (2 Days)
  • Scrum Master training (2 days)
  • Product Owner Training (2 Days)
  • Facilitation Training for Scrum Masters (1 Day)
  • Agile Coaching for Scrum Masters (2 Days)
  • Training for the Back of the Room (2 Days) 
Our trainings are very hands-on, practical and based on the principles of Training of the Back of the Room, experienced learning and Learning 3.0. All our trainings can be delivered offline and online. 
Every course can also be tailored for in-company trainings. 
Contact us on: wouter@beyondbusinessagility.com

About Wouter Gheysen

I’m an Agile Coach and Scrum Master and I like to go beyond Agility. Agile is for me more than just a framework.It’s a mindset and a way of being. 

As a coach and trainer I work with leaders, manager, Scrum Master, Product Owners and teams. I combine knowledge of different Agile methodologies with coaching experience which allows me to create high-performing teams. 

I’m using an extensive Agile toolkit, which I been developing over the years with elements from Agile, Positive Psychology, Systemic Coaching, NLP, team coaching,… 

As a SAFe-trainer I deliver Leading SAFe and other SAFe training in Belgium and The Netherlands.


  • Master Economical Sciences (Human Resource Management)
  • Master in Industrial Engineering (ICT)
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • SAFe Trainer (SAFe Program Consultant)
  • Business Designer (IDEO)
  • Design Sprint Master (AJ&Smart / Design Sprint)
  • Business Coach
  • Systemic Constellation Faciliator