5 + 1 Questions to... Serge Huybrechts

Serge Huybrechts is an Agile Explorer with a focus on continuous improvements. He always challenges the status quo. Serge is the owner of Wecandor, specialized in improvement. his motto is “everything can better”. Besides his work as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach, he’s also providing training in Scrum, Kanban. He guides companies on their journey towards continuous learning and agility.

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Serge believes in a world where everyone has their mindset on agility and continuous learning. When you believe this you have to walk the talk. That’s why Serge invests a lot in training like LeSS, Agile at Scale at Spotify and always tries to improve himself.

Reading books is so important for Serge. That’s why he decided recently to start an online professional book club. More info can be found here

1.What is Agile or the Agile Mindset for you? 

An Agile mindset for me is where people come together to collaborate and co-create. Where value, in whichever form necessary emerges through opening up for each other, each other’s ideas and the safety to fail. It is the existence of an organism rather than an organization and a pillar to a better world to work and live in.

2. What’s your favourite tool or method you use during your coaching?

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In coaching I mostly try to use the Socrative method, asking questions to let the coachee find the answers to their own questions.

Next to this, I like to work with visualization. This can be drawing, clustering post-its or whatever works. I’m thinking about bringing systems thinking into this as I recently discovered it to be very powerful.

3. What book or website would you recommend?

I could write a couple of pages here, but I’ll stick to one of each  The website I’ve spent a lot of time on lately is https://failfastmoveon.blogspot.com by Michael Küsters.

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Most influencing book the last year was Drive by Daniel Pink. 

Recently he shared a list of books we all should read. You can find the list here.

4. What is essential for you during an Agile transformation?

The focus on values, principles and behaviour rather than the process and the mechanics. And never forget that it is about delivering value to the customer while doing so.

5. What is 1 Aspect of coaching Agile teams you like the most?

Without a doubt seeing people and organizations grow together.

 +1. How do you coach companies on their agile journey towards continuous learning?

I focus on the fact that in order to learn there is a need to embrace failure. And to learn from that over and over again. In sharing these failures and learnings organizations gradually push themselves to better ways of working and delivering value.

I use a formula to describe an ever-improving best practice for an organization:

BPorg = BPpub + PK + CL.

The best practice in an organization (BPorg) is the combination of knowledge/principles/ideas from public best practices (BPpub), proprietary knowledge in the organization (PK) and the gradual, iterative improvement through continuous learning (CL).