DesignING & BuildING Agile organizations

Build a future proof organization which can thrive in a complex, fast-moving and uncertain world.

We are Beyond Business Agility

We support businesses and organizations to adapt and move towards business agility. We focus on the framework as well on the people.

Design your Agile organization

We support your organization with the design of your desired Agile organization. 

Design the new structure, install a new Agile Mindset and feedback culture, more client-focus are elements that will support the growth of your organization. 

Agile Coaching & consulting

We provide coaching and consulting services to support your organization to become more Agile. 

We coach your Scrum Master, your Agile Coaches, Product Owners, teams and management to get the desired flexible organization. 


We offer a broad range of training to improve the Agility of your company.

Our courses are hands-on, inspiring and tailor made. If we can avoid slides we will.


COVID-19 NOTICE: all of our classes are Corona-proof. Your health and the health of our trainers is crucial for us so we do everything which is needed to keep everyone safe. our trainings can be provided in classrooms as well remotely in a virtual training room. We adapted the trainings to provide you the best experience, just as you would be in person. 


What people tell us:

Very profound knowledge of the subject combined with good teaching skills.
IT manager
The right balance between teaching / explaining the material and opening up the discussion for the attendants to illustrate with their own experiences. Very thoughtful answers to every single question brought up by the trainees.
Scrum Master
Wouter knows the content he's teaching. He's also very good at staring (and controlling) interaction between the people attending the course.
Agile Coach